VLOG: TMB in NYC - NYBFW October 2019


Our very first VLOG! Yay!

We’ve joined the YouTube world with our very own TMB YouTube page!

In our first ever Vlog, we are taking you on a trip to NYC to recap and relive our time at New York Bridal Fashion Week! Earlier this month we traveled to NYC to visit our favourite designers to shop their 2020 collections and to meet with new designers about joining the TMB Dress Loft!

Check out the Vlog below!

We are going to be posting more and more Vlogs to give you the behind the scenes here at TMB! Want us to see something on our YouTube page? Let us know in the comments of the blog!


Real Bride: Rochelle & Tyson


It’s time for another Real Bride feature! This time it’s Rochelle & Tyson. Check out the photos from their gorgeous and colourful wedding, and read on to hear from Rochelle!


How did you and your hubby meet?

I guess as all good Canadian love stories start - we ended up hanging out every once in a while because he and my brother played on the same hockey team! It took some time for anything to really spark, but Tyson was a good friend of one of my cousins, who ended up inviting Tyson to come on up to our cottage for a long weekend. And that's where it all began (in one of my very favourite places to be)! We resisted the attraction for a while as Tyson is a little younger, was my 'little cousins' friend, and shared a name with one of my brothers - but when it's meant to be, God is going to make it happen!

Favourite/epic wedding moment?

I don't really know if I can choose one epic moment from our big day - it was all amazing! I think that once the nerves were over with at the ceremony, and we were able to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends at our reception, we were thrilled with how everything came together. Hearing our best man, man of honour, siblings and parents' speeches really stick out for me, and I can't wait to relive those moments when we receive our wedding footage. Our meal was incredible and highly complimented by our guests. Our chef did live grilling on the patio at our venue, and really engaged our guests as he served them. After dinner - we proceeded to mingle with guests and dance the night away - what a whirlwind! If only we could have slowed time down a little.


Any wisdom for future TMB (The Modern Bride) brides?

Relax. You've been planning your day for months, you've crossed your t's and dotted your i's now trust your vendors to bring it all together and be present! (First, hire Kendra) and then listen to your photographer! She pulled us away from our crazy day in the evening after dinner and we were able to spend some one on one time as newlyweds and enjoy the sunset together - which resulted in us being even more relaxed, and some of our favourite photos of our whole wedding album!


Any other tidbits you want to share?

I'm going to get into the dress experience here - what an adventure! I had a geometric/modern/architectural theme that I was trying to follow for our wedding and I wanted my dress to reflect that style as well. As I got into the search, I realized that the fully beaded styles that were catching my eye were also well out of my budget! My lovely mother ended up purchasing my wedding dress from The Modern Bride because she knew she wanted to contribute, but had no idea that we'd be able to find something at such a reasonable price point (nor did I!) We ended up buying a sample dress and took it home knowing that we wanted to make big changes to it. That evening - running on a high from finding my dress - I did a sketch of what I wanted the end result to be. The end result was exactly as I had imagined!



Photos: Kendra Ruth Photography (@kendraruthphoto)

Videographer: Jakob (@jakeyfabes)

Florals: Elle Bee Blooms (@ellebeeblooms)

Catering: Chef Brad Rempel (@chefbradrempel)

Make-up: Melody (@melodyrose.mua)

Hair: Tonja (@tonjaannb)

Dress: The Modern Bride (@tmodernbride)

Venue: Ball's Falls - the Glen Elgin Room


The Top 6 Bridal Trends for 2020


Ah, New York Bridal Fashion Week. What a dream. TMB spent the last week in the city that doesn’t sleep, to see the latest trends from the best in bridal!

As designers exhibited their new collections, we were on the lookout for the up-and-coming trends that are sure to be in the spotlight for 2020 and 2021 weddings. Since we adore our lovely brides, we want you to be the first to know what they will be! So without further ado, here are the top 6 bridal trends we saw in New York:

1. Tiered skirts

Last season tiered skirts started to make an appearance, and this Bridal Fashion Week they proved that they were here to stay! We are in love with their dynamic shape and movement, and how they add a little extra something special, and some definite visual interest to gowns.


2. Pleats

Pleats? Yes please. This texture and handling is one of the most gorgeous ways a designer could manipulate fabric. Pleating gives so much character to a dress, and we’re completely obsessed with the variety in which it’s being used this season.


3. Metallic hues

Grecco highlighted the metallic hues in the their a-line gowns, rose quartz, pearl and ash. This is such a unique touch to bridal and truly something for the modern bride. It’s artistic flair sure to make you shine all throughout your day.


4. Square necklines

This 90’s-inspired neckline is ruling the scene! It’s a super flattering, classic look, and were definitely seeing way more of it this season. Often accompanied with boning, 3D lace or draped bodices, it creates a striking scene while keeping it classy.


5. Bows

Bows where everywhere and we were in heaven! We love the fact that designers are incorporating bows made from both heavier and lighter fabrics, so you see a range of dresses on the modern-etherial end of things, and dresses with some serious wow-factor on the structural scale.


6. Bridal Jackets

First came the veil, then came the cape, now the bridal jacket has come to make it’s claim to fame. We saw these things EVERYWHERE during NYBFW. And for good reason. These are definitely for the bride who isn’t afraid of setting trends, and carving her own path. Lighter-than air fabrics and barely-there stitching make for a gorgeous effect, and there were plenty of structured textiles for the badass bride. The best part is? You’ll look damn fine walking down the aisle.


Must-Haves for NYBFW


Ah… New York, New York. Here at TMB, we’re gearing up for our trip to New York Bridal Fashion Week and we are freaking out with excitement! Soon we’ll be in the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle scouting out what the best bridal designers in the industry have created, and we promise to bring you all things beautiful. Along with the excitement comes… packing for NYBFW. A daunting task for sure, but made a little bit easier with our go-to New York must-haves.

So without further ado, here are our NYBFW necessities!


Jess Flatlay.jpeg
  • Too many shoes - I am a notorious over-packer, and the number one repeat offender are my shoes. I don't plan my outfits so I need options! I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl, and sometimes you need 7 pairs of shoes! (I'm not kidding, you should see the size of my suitcase)

  • Too many lipsticks - Did you read above? I am an over-packer through and through. Let's just call it being over-prepared.

  • A great read - Right now this looks like I'll Be There For You - The One About Friends by Kelsey Miller. I'm an avid fan *cough* obsessed, and this book does not disappoint!

    Bonus Packing Tip: I always bring a fun read AKA not work related and a work read AKA entrepreneurship/bad-assery.

  • Passport - Ok this may seem obvious, but I always bring my passport on any trip, who knows when things could get international! I am not one to miss a travel opportunity!

  • Aveda - Literally anything Aveda! This Damage repair helps keep my hair healthy and looking fab! I wash it a lot more in NYC to re-style and get the grime of the day off. This helps protect my hair from all the over-styling!


Alicia Flatlay.jpeg
  • Airpods: My podcast obsession is real! Radiolab, The Dollop, This American Life, The Endless Honeymoon, the list goes on and on. Best part is, no cords to get tangled in the armrest of the plane (or my dog’s leash on the reg.)!

  • The Ordinary Products: I found this company about two years ago and it has changed my skin forever! I usually bring about 5 different bottles but they are mini and perfect for traveling. My routine right now includes: Squalene Cleanser, Niacinamide 10% +Zinc 1%, Vitamin C Suspension 23% +HA Spheres 2%, 100% Plant-Derived Squalene and SPF 60.

  • Nightly Read: Currently reading "Spark Joy" by Marie Kondo. Love this how-to novel! I can take in tips about organization for my home and daily life, and it always leaves me with inspiring ideas before I go to sleep.

  • Statement Pieces: I wear a lot of monochromatic looks at work to mix and match my wardrobe in infinite ways. However, I still love to incorporate a statement skirt or dress that stands out, and what better place to do so than in New York City!

  • Eclipse Necklace: This one is special to me because it was a wedding anniversary gift from my hubby. The Eclipse necklace by Leah Alexandra is inspired by the Croatian coast, which is where we went for our honeymoon!


Adeles Flatlay.jpeg
  • Kristin Ess Hair Products - If there is one thing I love it is voluminous, textured hair and well, hair goddess Kristin Ess' products deliver! You'll never catch me travelling without Kristin Ess Air Dry Sea Salt Spray, Texture Spray, and Volumizing Mousse.

  • Bold Lip Stain - In the words of Carrie Bradshaw "NYC in October screams for a bold, moody lip". Ok, maybe that isn't a direct SITC quote, but I am confident Carrie would approve rocking a long-lasting statement colour in the concrete jungle. Currently obsessed with Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Pioneer.

  • Strappy Black Heels - My name is Adele, and I have a high-heel addiction. I've never met a pair of heels I didn't like and these strappy black block heels from Aldo will not only keep my feet happy while running from meeting to meeting but will pair perfectly with every outfit. Win, win!

  • Faux Leather Drawstring Backpack - This chic faux leather drawstring backpack from Zara warms my heart with early 00's nostalgia. With enough room to fit my shoes, make-up bag, wallet and iPad, I can hear Cher Horowitz’s approval every time I pop it on my shoulders!

  • iPad - Perfect for editing Insta-feed worthy photos (and watching Friends on the plane)!

    Bonus Packing Tip: I don't know who needs to hear this, but girl, wash your make-up brushes before you travel and when you get home!


Welcome to TMB: Willowby


We’re so excited to announce our newest additions to our TMB dress loft: Willowby by Watters!


About the Designer

Willowby, a collection by Watters, is made for today’s free-spirited bride. These romantic dresses combine delicate tulle skirts, lace appliques, and dainty trim details creating a bridal look that truly evokes something ethereal and other-worldly. It’s an incomparable organic beauty, and we know these are dresses our brides will adore.

Why TMB loves Willowby

Willowby is not afraid to play around with a little colour. These dresses are effortlessly romantic, while also setting trends, boldly walking the line between traditional and modern. Our Willowby brides rock these gowns, looking every bit the blushing beauty on their special day, while also letting their true personality and spirit shine through. These are dresses to pay compliment to a love and joy of living, and spark romance with every step.

Styles at TMB:

  • Galatea

  • Geranium

  • Harmony

  • Lainie

  • Emeline

  • Lunella

  • Harper

  • Holden

  • Ophelia

  • Rhapsody


Interested in trying on one of these beauties from Willowby?

Book your bridal appointment at The Modern Bride!


Made for You... In the Name of Love


Have you every seen something so perfectly beautiful that your jaw literally forgot how to stay closed and fell to the floor in wonder at what you were witnessing? That’s what happened to us… several times… when we saw these photos of the new collection ‘In The Name of Love’ by Made With Love.

MWL_NYC_DAY3-113 (1).jpg

It’s no secret that we adore MWL. This Aussie brand stole our hearts from day one, and continues to blow us away with their unique designs and stunning silhouettes. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming soon to The Modern Bride!



This beauty is the definition of etherial, with a modern twist. We’re in love with the plunging neckline and tiered petticoat-style skirt, her lace details are to die for, and we picture her twirling the night away; champagne in hand and a smile on her face.




Andy is sleek, chic, and leaves us feeling in the knees, weak (we tried). This dress’ glimmering sequin lace and exposed boned bodice is timeless elegance with just the right amount of pizazz. She’ll leave a lasting impression, with memories to have an hold for a lifetime.




So “put a ring on it” has been checked off the list, but what about putting a bow on it? This is a lace stunner with some gorgeous movement, and a trailing bow that proves this dress can walk the walk.




Ah, Max. Romance at it’s finest. The exposed boning, floral appliqués, and lush flowing skirt have us thinking of star-crossed lovers in far away fair Verona. We could write sonnets for this dress. Oh, and the sleeves are removable. Need we say more?




Get your vintage glam on with Scottie! This dress has an art deco flair with a twist, with an intricate design of pearls lacing across the down. Your grandma would be proud- and we can’t blame her- she’s a lady with excellent taste.




Flynn is a classic beauty with a bit of sass in her step. Her form-fitting cut and exposed boning carves a stunning silhouette, dripping in elegant lace and with a low back to drop jaws even lower.




Where do we even start with Jordan? This gown is decadent, with striking simplicity sure to leave an impression. Jordan defines a modern bride, one who shines no matter what she’s wearing, but who would be sure to absolutely dazzle in this dress.

MWL_NYC_DAY3-89 (1).jpg

We hope you babes are as excited for these dresses as we are! Wanna be the first to know when these arrive? Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the scoop!



7 Things Your Bridal Consultant Wants You To Know!


Hey lovelies! It’s us, your bridal consultants and we are ready to help you tie the knot in your dream gown - exciting, we know! But before we start popping champagne and celebrating your big day, we decided to compile a list of all the things we want you to know about shopping for you gown.

Here are 7 Things Your Bridal Consultant Wants You to Know;


By: Tanja Helmer

1. You’re the boss

It’s appointment day! We can’t wait for you to walk through our door and introduce yourself, and the amazing people you decided to bring along with you. We love a good support system and opinions can be extremely helpful when making a tough decision. All we want you to remember is at the end of the day, you get to wear the gown and the ultimate decision comes down to what makes you feel like the fabulous bride you know you are! Today is your day and your happiness is what matter most to us. So, stay true to who you are and what you imagine yourself looking like on your magical day!


2. You can tell us anything

Take pride in that carefully crafted and finely curated Pinterest board or photo album that you have been creating and Show. It. Off. We want to see what you have been imagining so that we can help you navigate our curated Dress Loft.

Not your first time shopping? Tell us what you have loved so far, if there is something we want to stray away from, and most importantly if there is another gown out there we are trying to top!


3. Talk to us about what you’re thinking throughout your appointment

We, here at TMB, vow to listen to all feedback provided by you throughout the entirety of your appointment, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, and as long as we both shall live (or at least until we find your gown) … so don’t hold back and tell us what you’re thinking! Let us know what you are liking, what you are loving, and what you think you might be missing in each dress you try on. This will help us narrow down our selection and bring you a step closer to finding your gown!


4. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone - but not too far

When choosing your selections from the dress loft, don’t be afraid to try things that might be a little out of your comfort zone, whether it be different style, neckline or detailing. You might find yourself surprised and loving something you weren’t sure about at first! Stepping out of your comfort zone can have its rewards as long as you feel you aren’t changing who you are. Our best advice is to stick with the one that you feel most like your gorgeous self in! Find the one that makes you feel like a glammed-up version of yourself so that when you look in the mirror you recognize the stunner staring back at you, but don’t want to look away because she is looking GOOD!!

Consultant Photo 1.jpg

5. We want you to ask questions - all of them!

Feel free to pick our brains during your appointment and ask us anything! Have a question about current trends, different designers, customization options, what’s for dinner? No topic is off limits and we are happy to chat about whatever comes to mind before, throughout and even after your appointment.

6. Saying “yes” can be a different experience for everyone

So, you found your dress and felt like you just said yes to buying another pair of shoes you probably already owned; maybe you couldn’t bring yourself to shed one single tear; or maybe you and your gal gang had to use our entire box of tissues while out of nowhere emerged a string quartet to play the very song you chose to walk down the aisle to. This is why we love our brides! Everyone is different, wonderfully unique and has their own experience when celebrating finding their dress. You don’t have to have that “I’m saying yes to this dress” moment. We are extremely excited for you no matter what and can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle in it!

Consultant Photo 2 .jpg

7. We love our jobs, and it’s all because of you

Being surrounded by gorgeous gowns in a dreamy space is definitely a perk, but what makes us love our jobs the most is…you! We love getting to know each and every one of our TMB babes and what makes you unique! We are SO lucky we get to be apart of this process and we always have fun sharing this special experience with you and your friends and families. We can’t thank you enough for making our jobs so special!

NOW we can pop the champagne - Cheers Babes!


#TMBTeam: Hayley Sutherland, Administrative Manager & Bridal Consultant


Our team at The Modern Bride has grown and we couldn’t be more excited! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to all the beautiful babes who make The Modern Bride so successful! We are sharing some fun facts to highlight one of our #TMBTeam members. Today, we are introducing you to our cat-loving and movie-quoting Administrative Manager & (superstar) Bridal Consultant Hayley Sutherland!


Let’s start off with getting to know exactly who Hayley is! Tell us three things most people don’t know about you!

  1. I'm a huge movie buff, it's actually what I went to school for.

  2. I'm obsessed with my cat, Trevor. He is my son and I love him.

  3. I have traveled to Egypt and went into pyramids.

Ok, so now into the nitty gritty of your favourite bridal details! If you were to get married tomorrow, what dress from the TMB Dress Loft would you rock down the aisle?

Dylan by Alexandra Grecco; hands down! I didn’t even need to think of that. The first time I saw it, well let’s just say it was love at first sight, with the sleeves, the plunge, the applique, all of it!

What is your current favourite bridal accessory trend?

Big statement earrings! My personal favourites are Magnolia Drop Earring from a.b. Ellie!


What about your favourite bridal gown trend you’ve seen in 2019?

I’m really digging alternative laces and long sleeves and of course, a plunging v-neck!

When you are a guest, what is your absolute favourite wedding moment?

The father/daughter dance. I could honestly not even know the father or the daughter and I would still cry. It is just such a special moment, I cry every time.

You are a bridal consultant extraordinaire (honestly, we’re not joking… read the Google Reviews about Hayley)! What is your favourite part of a bridal appointment?

There is no better moment than when the bride says YAS and everyone gets to celebrate with champagne!

Why do you love working at TMB?

Working at TMB is amazing for so many reasons. It really does feel like such an honour to be a part of all of our brides journey's to find the gown of their dreams. It's great making connections with brides during their appointments and seeing them through to the wedding date! Obviously working with an incredible team of boss babes everyday is a bonus.