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Real Bride: Rochelle & Tyson


It’s time for another Real Bride feature! This time it’s Rochelle & Tyson. Check out the photos from their gorgeous and colourful wedding, and read on to hear from Rochelle!


How did you and your hubby meet?

I guess as all good Canadian love stories start - we ended up hanging out every once in a while because he and my brother played on the same hockey team! It took some time for anything to really spark, but Tyson was a good friend of one of my cousins, who ended up inviting Tyson to come on up to our cottage for a long weekend. And that's where it all began (in one of my very favourite places to be)! We resisted the attraction for a while as Tyson is a little younger, was my 'little cousins' friend, and shared a name with one of my brothers - but when it's meant to be, God is going to make it happen!

Favourite/epic wedding moment?

I don't really know if I can choose one epic moment from our big day - it was all amazing! I think that once the nerves were over with at the ceremony, and we were able to celebrate our marriage with our family and friends at our reception, we were thrilled with how everything came together. Hearing our best man, man of honour, siblings and parents' speeches really stick out for me, and I can't wait to relive those moments when we receive our wedding footage. Our meal was incredible and highly complimented by our guests. Our chef did live grilling on the patio at our venue, and really engaged our guests as he served them. After dinner - we proceeded to mingle with guests and dance the night away - what a whirlwind! If only we could have slowed time down a little.


Any wisdom for future TMB (The Modern Bride) brides?

Relax. You've been planning your day for months, you've crossed your t's and dotted your i's now trust your vendors to bring it all together and be present! (First, hire Kendra) and then listen to your photographer! She pulled us away from our crazy day in the evening after dinner and we were able to spend some one on one time as newlyweds and enjoy the sunset together - which resulted in us being even more relaxed, and some of our favourite photos of our whole wedding album!


Any other tidbits you want to share?

I'm going to get into the dress experience here - what an adventure! I had a geometric/modern/architectural theme that I was trying to follow for our wedding and I wanted my dress to reflect that style as well. As I got into the search, I realized that the fully beaded styles that were catching my eye were also well out of my budget! My lovely mother ended up purchasing my wedding dress from The Modern Bride because she knew she wanted to contribute, but had no idea that we'd be able to find something at such a reasonable price point (nor did I!) We ended up buying a sample dress and took it home knowing that we wanted to make big changes to it. That evening - running on a high from finding my dress - I did a sketch of what I wanted the end result to be. The end result was exactly as I had imagined!



Photos: Kendra Ruth Photography (@kendraruthphoto)

Videographer: Jakob (@jakeyfabes)

Florals: Elle Bee Blooms (@ellebeeblooms)

Catering: Chef Brad Rempel (@chefbradrempel)

Make-up: Melody (@melodyrose.mua)

Hair: Tonja (@tonjaannb)

Dress: The Modern Bride (@tmodernbride)

Venue: Ball's Falls - the Glen Elgin Room


Hold the Whistles: TMB’s Guide to Buying a Sample Dress!


We’ve got big news, ladies!

We are super excited to launch our Forever Sample Sale; meaning we will always have samples available for off-the-rack purchases all year long! Whether you’re on a tight timeline, or looking to be a bit more budget friendly on your wedding dress journey, purchasing a TMB sample is a great option!


Now hold up ladies, don’t worry, purchasing a TMB sample is nothing like that infamous episode of Friends, you know ‘The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress’! We promise no one is hiding in the racks and there will be no Monica Gellar blowing a whistle at you!

We’ve been listening to all your questions about purchasing a sample and we are here to give you all the information you need to purchase your dream dress!

Here is the most frequently asked questions in our our TMB guide to buying a sample dress!

What is the discount on the sample dresses?

Each of our sample dresses are individually priced based on the regular price cost, condition of the dress and age of the sample! Our sample dresses range from $800 - $3000, that is 30%-80% off the regular price!

How do I purchase a sample dress?

You can book your Sample Dress Appointment with one of our TMB consultants who will help you navigate all the sample options. Your consultant will be able to help you with sizing, style and discuss potentially alterations! All samples are paid in full at the time of purchase.

What is the difference between a Sample Appointment and a Bridal Appointment?

The main differences between a Sample Appointment and a regular Bridal Appointment are:

  • To streamline the process a Sample Appointment will be 60 minutes!

  • In a Sample Appointment you will be selecting from our sample racks that are organized by size instead of designer.

  • You will be paired with a knowledgable stylist who will be able to answer your sample specific questions.

  • In a Sample Appointment, you will be trying on samples. If you are curious about our made to order dresses, you can book a follow up appointment to browse!

Can I try on sample dress in my Bridal Appointment or do I need to book a specific Sample Appointment?

Yes! During a bridal appointment you can try on any dress in the TMB Dress Loft!

If I fall in love with a sample, but still need to think about it, can TMB put it on hold for me?

We are not able to hold any samples. Samples are purchased on a first-come, first-served basis.


What if the sample I love doesn’t fit me?

Depending on the designer and style of the dress, a seamstress can typically take in a dress 3-4 sizes and can let out a dress about 1/2 a size. We will provide you with a list of TMB recommended seamstresses to get your dress fitting you like a glove!

What condition are the sample dresses in?

At TMB, we take pride in keeping our samples in the most pristine condition possible! Having said that, some of our samples are newer than others and depending on fabric and dress design (beading, buttons, etc.) some dresses are in more pristine condition than others and the dresses are priced accordingly. Your consultant will give you suggestions on dry-cleaning options, if necessary.

How do I know which dresses in the TMB Dress Loft are samples for sale?

We have created sample racks for you to browse all the available samples for purchase! Your consultant will help you navigate the sizing and styles to find you your dream dress! If you want to take a sneak peak at all our samples, visit our TMB Sample page (starting August 1 at 1PM EST) that includes photos, sizing and specific dress details.

Have more questions about purchasing a sample dress? Feel free to email us any other questions at! We can’t wait to help you find your dream dress!


Top 3 Bridal Trends from NYC & Barcelona


April was a world-wind of month traveling from New York City to Barcelona to find the perfect dresses to add to our TMB Dress Loft! We purchased over 50 new gowns; some have already started to arrive and all of them will be here for you by August. We are also introducing two new designers to the TMB Dress Loft: Justin Alexander and Alena Leena. We couldn’t be more excited about our newest additions and we will give you all the details when they arrive!

To get you prepared for the beautiful show-stoppers coming to TMB, we put together a list of the top three trends we saw in NYC and Barcelona!


Top 3 Trends from 2019 NYC Spring Bridal Market

  • Sparkles - There was absolutely no shortage of sparkles adorning gowns and accessories! Expect to see delicate sparkle embellishments on sleek silhouettes.

  • Tiered Skirts - An update to the A-line; tiered skirts were everywhere! The tiered skirt gives more movement, texture and volume to your look and well, we cannot wait to see you babes in them!

  • Billow Sleeves - At Market in Fall 2018 we saw bell sleeves all over and this season designers have once again stepped up their sleeve game and are giving us perfectly tailored billow sleeves that have our romantic bride hearts aflutter! Embellishments on the billow sleeves and structured cuffs are coming to TMB!

Now, Barcelona is a whole different bridal ballpark! Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week is the world’s biggest bridal fashion week bringing together hundreds of global bridal brands to show off their latest works of art. For perspective here, Pronovias displayed 200+ dresses that took us an entire day to walk through and see! Surprise to no one, we wanted them all! But, we successfully chose over 30 new styles from Pronovias and Atelier Pronovias that we know our brides will love!

Top 3 Trends from 2019 Barcelona Fashion Week

  • Black Accents - Brace yourselves ladies, black accents have popped up everywhere and we are here for it! Whether is it a lace detail or full ballgown, black is taking the bridal world by storm and you can absolutely expect to see the dark tone in the TMB Dress Loft!

  • Non-Traditional Lace - Designers are swapping traditional laces for non-traditional graphic details! This twist on tradition paves the way for unique, modern yet timeless gowns that we know our TMB babes are going to fall head over heels for.

  • Sleeves - Sleeves are here and they’re here to stay ladies! It doesn’t matter if you’re having a spring, summer, fall or winter wedding, there is a sleeve for you! Whether you want a romantic lace detailed sleeve or a opaque sleeve, Pronovias has delivered and we can’t wait to show you what we are bringing into the TMB Dress Loft!

All the new dresses are set to arrive by August! Appointment spaces will fill up quickly, so be sure to book your appointment today!


Welcome to TMB: Georgia Young


We’re so excited to announce the newest addition to the TMB dress loft: Georgia Young!

About the Designer

Georgia Young is contemporary bridal collection hand-made in Melbourne, Australia. Bound together by movement, texture and billowing volume, Georgia Young collections push the boundaries of bridal wear and opens up to a realm of imagination and glamour.


Why TMB loves Georgia Young

  • Edgy necklines

  • Modern lace appliques

  • Structured couture gowns with delicate flow

Styles at TMB

  • Quince

  • Carnegie

  • Bells

Interested in trying on one of these beauties from Georgia Young?

Book your bridal appointment at The Modern Bride!