2019/2020 TMB Trunk Show Calendar


It’s finally here!

We are so excited to announce the 2019/2020 dates for all the Trunk Shows coming to TMB!

Appointment times will fill up quickly, so book for your favourite designer today!

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#TMBTeam: Alicia Gibson, Boutique Curator


Our team at The Modern Bride has grown and we couldn’t be more excited! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to all the beautiful babes who make The Modern Bride so successful! Each week we will share some fun facts to highlight one of our #TMBTeam members. If you missed our last posts, learn more about our team here. Today, we are introducing you to our detail-oriented and accessory queen Boutique Curator, Alicia Gibson!

Alicia Gibson.jpg

Let’s start with fun facts about you! What are three things people would be surprised to learn about you, Alicia?

  1. Family is #1 for me, so I always make time for my husband James and our dog Sophie. 

  2. I am a long-time watcher of acclaimed BBC series Coronation Street! I’ve been watching it since I was 8 and I am currently reading the 50-year saga to find out how it all began!

  3. I am a big foodie, so my honeymoon was planned around places to eat in Croatia, thanks to the help of Anthony Bourdain. 

Now onto the bridal questions! You’ve already tied the knot, but do you prefer a spring/summer/fall or winter wedding?

I have always loved a spring wedding. I even planned my own wedding around the blossoming of the peony!

If you were to renew your vows today, what TMB wedding dress would you pick to walk down the aisle in?

Brigitte by Anais Anette! I love the floral lace, the modern cut along the side seam and that it's Canadian! 

What is your favourite part of a bridal appointment?

My favourite part of the bridal appointment is the moment when the bride is standing in the change room in her favourite dress and she is smiling because she knows it's the one!

You are the accessory queen, so it would only be fair to ask what is your favourite bridal accessory?

I can’t choose just one, but my favourite look would be the Alyssa earrings from Joanna Bisley with the Julene hair pins from Olivia the Wolf, and the Delphine veil from Atelier Elise. I love our Canadian designers!

So, it’s fair to say that you prefer veil over no veil?
Veil all the way! Veils elevate the romance.


Despite seeing the dress, what would you say if you favourite part of a wedding?
Easy answer, the first kiss!

Why do you love working at TMB?
There are many reasons why I love working at TMB! I love being a part of a growing women-driven business and I love how we give back to the community I grew up in. I love the excited brides that come through our doors and I love hearing how we made the experience special for them and their family. I love the team we have established and I think that we all play such a vital role in making the business what it is today. Lastly, I love coming into work and seeing the amazing women that I work with. 


#TMBTeam: Donna Hirst, CFO & Co-Owner


Our team at The Modern Bride has grown and we couldn’t be more excited! This is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to all the beautiful babes who make The Modern Bride so successful! Each week we will share some fun facts to highlight one of our #TMBTeam members. If you missed our last post about our boss-babe founder, Jessica Hirst visit the blog post here. Today, we are introducing you to our interior-design-loving and bridal fashionista CFO Donna Hirst, who is responsible for making TMB look as beautiful as it does today!

Donna Hirst.jpg

After all the amazing bridal appointments you’ve been involved with, what would you say is your favourite part of a bridal appointment?

My favourite part of a bridal appointment is the first time we meet the bride and the people most important to her. It is the start of something magical!

Donna Hirst TMB

When you think of your ultimate dream wedding, is it in spring/summer/fall or winter?

Summer and somewhere by the water!

Are you on board with team veil or are you on team no veil?

I’m going to have to side with team no veil on this one!

Aside from seeing the beautiful dress the bride chose, what would you say if you favourite part of a wedding?

Easy answer, the first kiss!

Why do you love working at TMB?

Being around so many young, exceptionally talented women every day. 

Based on current bridal trends, what is your favourite trend modern brides are adopting?

My favourite trend is not just specific to bridal fashion, it is that brides are creating their own traditions; no rules, doing it their way!

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 2.34.30 PM.png

To wrap things up, can you let us in on three things you think our TMB brides and followers would be surprised to learn about you?

  1. I practice yoga every morning and just started taking a barre class once a week. 

  2. I love to garden. Working outside all day and getting my hands dirty is my idea of a great day off!

  3. I used to have my motorcycle license!

Bonus Donna fun-fact: Donna was the project manager responsible for helping transform our space at the Petrie Building to be the beautiful bridal oasis it is today! Thanks Donna!


#TMBTeam: Jessica Hirst, CEO & Founder


Our team at The Modern Bride has grown and we couldn’t be more excited! We decided this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to all the beautiful babes who make The Modern Bride so successful! Each week we will share some fun facts to highlight one of our #TMBTeam members; first up, we have our fierce and fearless, boss-babe founder, Jessica Hirst.

Jess Hirst.jpg

Ok Jess, first things first, would you rather a spring/summer/fall or winter wedding?

Such a hard choice; I always seem to have a chill so I’m partial to summer, BUT I have to say winter wedding, for the sleeves!

If you got married today, what current TMB dress would you wear?

Colonia - Atelier Pronovias! I love the neckline and sultry cutouts paired with the classic sleekness of the completely plain crepe.

donna jess.jpg

What is your opinion on the highly-debated bridal topic: Veil or No Veil? 

Veil! Always a veil! More specifically, a soft blusher and cathedral length veil. When are you ever going to get away with wearing a veil again?!

Out of all the current wedding dress trends, what is your favourite?

Peek-a-boo cutouts and slits!

What is your absolute favourite part of a wedding? 

The first look! I have seen A LOT of weddings, but I have to say that the first look still gets me choked up. Also, any tears on the groom’s part absolutely slays me.


Most important, why do you love working at TMB? 

TMB is something that I never imagined, but I can't imagine my life without it now! The women who currently make up TMB have truly (and almost literally) helped lay the foundation for who we are, and I am so proud. Each staff member who has joined us has become family and together I don't think there is anything that we can't accomplish. Corny, I know, but spend one appointment here and you’ll get it. These girls really make this place something to be proud of!

Now for the fun of it, what are 3 things people may not know about you?

1.     Pickles (or olives) would be my last meal, hands down.

2.     I can pour a Guinness with a perfect shamrock on top.

3.     I own about a million pairs of shoes, but spend most of the time barefoot. 


TMB Bash - Video

We are so happy that we decided to hire a videographer for our grand opening party! Pocket Change Productions truly captured the fun and excitement of the evening and we couldn't be happier with the final video! 


CHEERS to those who made this night possible;

1486 Photography
Gemini Models
Coccola Beauty
Blooms & Flora
Foodies Anonymous Catering
DJ Charlie Clean

TMB STAFF!! (& Sarah G)

REAL TMB BRIDE: Jessie & Jonathan

pronovias real bride portugal algarve bride sunset

Sometimes a bride comes into the boutique and as you learn more about her you not only fall in love with her but you find out she is planning a wedding that puts your wedding dreams to shame. In Portugal. Swoon.

Jessie brought a smile to every single appointment, and we fell for her sweet, genuine nature AND she reminded us that wedding dreams really do come true. After having the opportunity to get to know Jessie better and the privilege to see some amazing shots from her day it's easy to see why she brought that smile to every dress fitting. A dream wedding deserves an equally dreamy groom. Enjoy!

first look pronovias olinda

Name: Jessie Hawthorne
Dress: 'Olinda' - Pronovias
Venue: Fortaleza da Luz  (Praia Da Luz - Algarve - Portugal)
Flowers: Xeli Florist Algarve
Cake: The Cake Shop - Cake Design by Sonia Marreiros
Photography: Matt & Lena Photography

pronovias olinda real bride portugal ocean front
bride groom pronovias olinda true love first look

So how did this love story start?

"It's a pretty funny story actually, one that I knew would inevitably be told at our wedding. It was 9 years ago exactly, Canada Day 2008. I was there with my friend and Jonathan was there with his cousin. We were at a bar when I looked over and saw him, I immediately said to my friend  "DIBS!" I think this comes as close to love at first sight as possible. Learning after that he admitted to seeing me too but said he was too shy to come say hi. I looked over his way a few minutes later and he was gone. But seemed like it was meant to be when we walked into another bar and there he was. Might have been the liquid courage in me but I went right over to him, elbowed him in the back and said "Whiskey shots!" he turned around after the elbow expecting a fight and saw me, I guess he was pleasantly surprised. Politely he told me he couldn't because he was driving, I then told him to "take his skirt off!" Regardless of my silly antics that night, we've been inseparable ever since! "

just married portugal pronovias bride groom

It's hard not to feel the romance in a place like this!

Favourite moment of the day?

"There were so many! I have to say that the speeches were so memorable, I was in tears the whole time. It's so heartwarming to hear such lovely words from the people you love on your special day. "

sweetheart table pronovias

"Oh also, a funny moment for sure was during the ceremony when my brother-in-law who was officiating the wedding for us, dropped the rings! I know, such a stereotypical wedding fail! He opened up the ring boxes upside down and they fell out. Luckily they weren't lost - but it definitely gave everyone a good laugh!"

wedding cake greenery better together cake topper
sunset photos portugal pronovias olinda bride groom

Any wisdom for future TMB brides?

"Stick to your guns and do what feels best! Planning a wedding is very stressful and confusing - so just stick to what you feel in your gut is right and it will turn out perfect. Also, keep lots of lists! Especially when planning a destination wedding, I had SO much to pack, so lists were key! It's easy to say don't get too stressed about the details, something I couldn't do, but just stay organized and it will work out"

bridal party pronovias portugal

It's the personal aspects that make each wedding exceptional...

"After losing my father last year just after getting engaged, there was a while where I didn't think I wanted to get married without him. I quickly realized that's not what he would want for me. We decided to get married in the Algarve, Portugal where my family vacationed just two years prior. I have such amazing memories there with my dad so it just felt right. We even had lunch at the venue where we got married and we spoke about how it would be an amazing spot to have a wedding. Needless to say I felt him there on my day and I know he played a big part in making it perfect"

just married portugal pronovias olinda

To say that this wedding makes my heart sing and melt at the same time would be such an understatement! A breathtaking couple exchanging vows in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are truly fortunate to have been a small part of their big day!

Congratulations Jessie & Jonathan we wish you every happiness on your journey together!

first dance wedding pronovias olinda portugal real bride