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The Top 6 Bridal Trends for 2020


Ah, New York Bridal Fashion Week. What a dream. TMB spent the last week in the city that doesn’t sleep, to see the latest trends from the best in bridal!

As designers exhibited their new collections, we were on the lookout for the up-and-coming trends that are sure to be in the spotlight for 2020 and 2021 weddings. Since we adore our lovely brides, we want you to be the first to know what they will be! So without further ado, here are the top 6 bridal trends we saw in New York:

1. Tiered skirts

Last season tiered skirts started to make an appearance, and this Bridal Fashion Week they proved that they were here to stay! We are in love with their dynamic shape and movement, and how they add a little extra something special, and some definite visual interest to gowns.


2. Pleats

Pleats? Yes please. This texture and handling is one of the most gorgeous ways a designer could manipulate fabric. Pleating gives so much character to a dress, and we’re completely obsessed with the variety in which it’s being used this season.


3. Metallic hues

Grecco highlighted the metallic hues in the their a-line gowns, rose quartz, pearl and ash. This is such a unique touch to bridal and truly something for the modern bride. It’s artistic flair sure to make you shine all throughout your day.


4. Square necklines

This 90’s-inspired neckline is ruling the scene! It’s a super flattering, classic look, and were definitely seeing way more of it this season. Often accompanied with boning, 3D lace or draped bodices, it creates a striking scene while keeping it classy.


5. Bows

Bows where everywhere and we were in heaven! We love the fact that designers are incorporating bows made from both heavier and lighter fabrics, so you see a range of dresses on the modern-etherial end of things, and dresses with some serious wow-factor on the structural scale.


6. Bridal Jackets

First came the veil, then came the cape, now the bridal jacket has come to make it’s claim to fame. We saw these things EVERYWHERE during NYBFW. And for good reason. These are definitely for the bride who isn’t afraid of setting trends, and carving her own path. Lighter-than air fabrics and barely-there stitching make for a gorgeous effect, and there were plenty of structured textiles for the badass bride. The best part is? You’ll look damn fine walking down the aisle.