REAL TMB BRIDE: Alicia & Alex


Sweet, intimate and so full of love. 
When Alicia & Alex tied the knot in front of 14 of their closest you know that love filled every corner of that room way better than 250 chairs. They didn't want large and lavish, they just wanted each other...forever.

Sara Monika Photographer takes you on an incredible journey through their moments at Langdon Hall. 
Just breathtaking. Enjoy.


Name: Alicia Cronsberry
Dress: "Edmee" - Anais Anette
Photography: Sara Monika
Venue: Langdon Hall
Florist: Blooms & Flora


How did this love story start?

"Alex and I were neighbours and quickly became best friends. A few years passed and we realized this was way more than an epic friendship! That was almost three years ago and we have been inseparable ever since. When you know, you know!"


What was your favourite moment on the day?

"Alex and I decided to have a very small and intimate wedding with just our immediate family in attendance which allowed us to really take in and appreciate every moment. One moment that stands out in my mind is walking down the aisle, it is hard to put into words the overwhelming feelings of love, happiness and gratitude that hit me in that moment. Seeing the people that shaped us into who we are today, all together in one room to celebrate our love was an amazing feeling."

One table, so many laughs.


Any wisdom for future TMB Brides?

"Keep an open mind! When I started dress shopping I knew exactly what I wanted and ended up picking something I never thought I would wear (fitted is NOT my thing), and it was perfect! I have received SO many compliments on my dress and I can't thank Jess and Alicia enough for all of their amazing recommendations and advice! They helped to customize my dress so that it fit with my vision, suggested killer accessories to bring it all together and most importantly, made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire experience. THANK YOU!!"

A little adventure never hurt anybody.
Alicia and Alex ventured around the grounds on that misty day for some amazing shots. So dreamy.

Personalized menu covers. Sweet details for everyone in attendance.


Huge congratulations love birds!

This is the perfect example of a bride and groom staying unbelievably true to them. Their wedding was a perfect blend of who they are as a couple and who they will grow to be as husband and wife.



REAL TMB BRIDE: Carly & Ryan

guelph bridal boutique pronovias plisa wedding bride

There are few words to describe the thought and love that went into every detail of this wedding. Carly was one of the sweetest brides I have ever met and the day she tied the knot with Ryan was unforgettable, in every way!
As you browse through their day make sure you take a moment to appreciate the dress change and the opportunity for 2 first looks!

It was an honour to coordinate your day Carly, wishing you and Ryan every happiness! You deserve it!

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0051.jpg
Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0151.jpg


Name: Carly Ellerton
Dress: 'Plisa' - Pronovias AND 'Scout' - Blush by Hayley Paige
Photography: Laura Kelly Photography
Venue: Backyard wedding
Florist: Sweet Violets
Hair: Valentini Hair Design


Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0233.jpg
Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0239.jpg

Favourite photo. Right here.

How did this love story start?

"We are both elementary school teachers and we met at work. Before I knew it, Ryan was leaving morning teas in my room with a little message on the bottom of the cup. :) Ryan teaches Grade 3 and I teach Kindergarten so it was a little unusual for him to be down in the Kindergarten wing. The other staff started to notice pretty quickly!" 

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0250.jpg

And just like that, we are ready for the reception!! Dress change, love it!!

blush by hayley paige scout gown wedding guelph

What was your favourite moment on the day?

"Our dads busting out their dance moves together! I will also never forget the feeling of sitting down at the head table and looking up to see all of our loved ones happily chatting and laughing together in one room. All of the hard work is worth it!"

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0503.jpg
Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0482.jpg

Any wisdom for future TMB Brides?

"Remain open minded! The wedding dress that you end up choosing is probably not going to be the one that you initially envision for yourself. And if you really can't decide... You can always buy two like I did! ;)"

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0542.jpg
Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0465.jpg

Grooms favourite moment?

"Reception dress reveal! 'I remember the loving way that you looked up at me coming out of the door and how you twirled like a ballerina when I took your hand. I couldn't believe I was looking at my wife.'"

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0396.jpg

Kinda like a fairytale. I know that you two are enjoying your happily ever right now! We are wishing you all the best!





Sometimes you meet a bride who is so relaxed, so at ease, that she helps you remember all the most important things. Like, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you get to marry the one that you love.
I was blown away after seeing photos of their dreamy wedding day in the apple orchard, and you can tell that they loved even minute of it!

Congrats Alix & Josh! We are wishing you a million more moments just like these!


Name: Alix Maffin
Dress: 'Marlene' - Tatyana Merenyuk
Photography: Sara Monika Photographer
Venue: Brantview Apple Orchard
Florist: Just Blooms
Hair: Once Upon A Tine
Makeup: Casey Diehl Makeup Artistry


How did this love story start?

"Josh and I met when we were in university. Oddly enough, we both grew up in Cambridge our whole lives, and went to different universities. We met in my best friend (and Maid of Honour)’s basement during her 21st birthday party. She had a few of her friends from university over and invited her friends from high school. We played some board games, Josh and mine’s competitive streaks came out, and at the end of the night Josh was asking Claire for my number. We went on a few double dates, Claire and her now husband (who is Josh’s best friend) were dying to have their two closest friends become an item. We finally went on our first solo date to see Harry Potter - we were, and still are, obsessed with the franchise. The rest is history! "


What was your favourite moment on the day?

"The part of the day I was the most excited about was seeing Josh as I walked down the aisle. Josh really didn’t want to see me beforehand, he wanted that surprise, so I was so excited to see his reaction as I came down. It’s really a beautiful thing to look around at the audience at your ceremony, and realize that all the people you love the most in the world are there because of you. We had family come from all around the world, and it was a really humbling experience. Josh and I also took a few moments for ourselves in the orchard just to soak in the fact that we had just MARRIED each other. That was lovely, to take one step away, and really let the day wash over us."


The excitement and love in this shot is palpable. 


Any wisdom for future TMB Brides?

"Honestly, follow your instincts when picking the dress! Oddly enough, I had ‘Pinned’ my dress on Pinterest months before I was even engaged, and only realized it after I bought my dress. I tried on quite a few dresses, but I found my dress in the first shop I went to (which was TMB). I wanted to go look at a few other spots because I thought, 'no way I should buy at the first store I went to.' I went to a few others, but nowhere compared to the dress I had found and the customer service I experienced at The Modern Bride. I picked the dress that felt the most like me, and one I was comfortable in. I could dance all night in that thing! "


I absolutely love that Alix & Josh chose Sara Monika as their photographer. She captures the most genuine moments, the moments that you want to remember and cherish!  


The Harry Potter geek in me LOVES this cake. This is a couple after my own heart!


Grooms favourite moment?

"I loved watching Alix walk down the aisle. At night, there was a massive storm. There was a lightning storm behind us when we were doing our speeches, and when our reception started it just started to pour. Weirdly enough it was super cool, we were all inside, hearing the rain and dancing. My favourite speech of the night was my brothers', it was the perfect blend of being funny and sentimental. He was hilarious and had us laughing through the whole thing” 


Did people love the dress!?

"The best comment on my dress was that it really allowed me to shine as a bride. I could dance, I could move around without feeling like I was walking weird with it being too tight, or too limiting. I played the lawn games we spent hours making, and I was just really able to be myself that day. The dress is beyond beautiful, and different than others I had seen which is exactly why I fell in love with it. I got so many comments on how different, but classic, my dress was. I wish I could wear it every day!"


I have to say that I am a little in love with Alix & Josh after writing this. Their nods to both 'Friends' and 'Harry Potter' are sweet and personal touches that you can tell really speak to them. I always recommend that couples really stay true to what they want and they will enjoy EVERY aspect of their day! 

Alix wraps it up perfectly...

"Our wedding was honestly the perfect day and I know people say that all the time, but it’s true. I will never forget it."

Good luck on all your future adventures as husband and wife!! Thank you so much for choosing us to be a small part of your big day!



REAL TMB BRIDE: Lauren & Chris

L&CWedding-519 copy.jpg

Lauren was one of those brides that made my afternoon when she was scheduled to come into the boutique. This girl has a killer smile and personality that lights up the room! When she found her Hayley Paige dress I was trilled that we would get to see her right through to her big day!!
If you want to see that infectious smile in action, check out these photos!! 

Congrats Lauren & Chris, we are wishing you a million more smiles together!

L&CWedding-155 copy.jpg
L&CWedding-819 copy.jpg

Name: Lauren Feick
Dress: 'Rosemary' - Blush by Hayley Paige
Photography: Laura Nicholson - LN Photography
Venue: Whistle Bear
Florist: Jodi Leigh Designs
Hair: Hair by Savija
Make-Up: Peachy Keen Beauty Studio

L&CWedding-418 copy.jpg

How did this love story start?

"We met when I was thirteen and he was fifteen up at our cottages. We spent many summers as great friends. There was always a little unspoken something between us and we really just clicked and enjoyed each others company.  As the years passed we fell a bit out of contact as we were both in different phases of life until about four years ago. Chris was always at the back of my mind so I took the risk and reached out to him and basically the rest is history!"

L&CWedding-414 copy.jpg

As the bride, what was your favourite moment of the day?

"It's so hard to pin point just one moment! The whole day was just so great! The main highlight was defiantly seeing Chris at the end of the aisle and being surrounded by all our family and friends as we said 'I Do'."

L&CWedding-140 copy.jpg
L&CWedding-783 copy.jpg

This blush dress melts my heart. And fits Lauren beautifully. So. Stunning.

"We didn't do a first look so I really enjoyed when it was just Chris and I taking photos after the wedding. It gave us a couple minutes to catch up and really just take in the day before heading to participate in the cocktail hour."

L&CWedding-674 copy.jpg

Don't forget to take take to celebrate with the bridal party!! Enjoy those moments!!

Any wisdom for future TMB Brides?

"In general, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. My advice would be that when you are making decisions for your wedding, don't second guess yourself. Trust you made the best choice and move onto the next task!
Delegating last minute to-do’s the week leading up to the wedding is also key and just remember that day of a lot of the little details tend to go unnoticed so try not to fixate on a something that may not be turning out as planned…. take a deep breath and enjoy the day as it does go by super quickly!!"

L&CWedding-928 copy.jpg

We can certainly feel the love, thank you Lauren & Chris for letting us be a small part of your big day! We are wishing you both a lifetime of happiness!

L&CWedding-743 copy.jpg



REAL TMB BRIDE: Jaclyn & Adam


When a bride is this stylish we are literally waiting with baited breath for a few photos from her day! Jaclyn, you did not disappoint! You are beaming with your new husband and we are so thrilled we could be a small part of your big day!!


Name: Jaclyn Merriman
Dress: 'Savannah' - Anais Anette
Hair Accessories: Olivia the Wolf (TMB)
Venue: Cambridge Mill
Hair & Make-Up: UBU Salon
Flowers: From The Potting Shed
Photographer: Dana Lauder Photography


How did this love story start?

"The stars aligned when Adam and I met.  We lived across the hall from each other in our apartment building at university.  One day, we just happened to leave for campus at the same time and struck up a conversation on our way out the door and he's been on my mind ever since..."


Favourite moment of the night?

"Adam and I our self admittedly gluttons for McDonald's.  One of our favourite wedding moments was surprising our guests with McDoubles and Big Macs for the late night snack.  They were all gone at the end so they must have been a hit!"


Any advice for future TMB Brides?

"My advice to future TMB brides is don't be afraid to take risks dress shopping!  You really never know what might work or not work.  If it catches your eye, try it on!  I saw my gown on display at TMB and could not get it out of my mind.  Initially, I was hesitant to try it on because it wasn't what I had imagined for myself when I started my dress hunt but then I tried it on and it was absolutely PERFECT!  Working with The Modern Bride was one of the best, easiest, and enjoyable experiences of the wedding planning process - I loved every minute of it."

You are making us blush! 


Jaclyn, and all of our fearless brides, remind us to brave the rain, love with abandon and above all stay true to who you are.

Everyone here at TMB are wishing you and Adam every happiness!!




REAL TMB BRIDE: Jessie & Jonathan

pronovias real bride portugal algarve bride sunset

Sometimes a bride comes into the boutique and as you learn more about her you not only fall in love with her but you find out she is planning a wedding that puts your wedding dreams to shame. In Portugal. Swoon.

Jessie brought a smile to every single appointment, and we fell for her sweet, genuine nature AND she reminded us that wedding dreams really do come true. After having the opportunity to get to know Jessie better and the privilege to see some amazing shots from her day it's easy to see why she brought that smile to every dress fitting. A dream wedding deserves an equally dreamy groom. Enjoy!

first look pronovias olinda

Name: Jessie Hawthorne
Dress: 'Olinda' - Pronovias
Venue: Fortaleza da Luz  (Praia Da Luz - Algarve - Portugal)
Flowers: Xeli Florist Algarve
Cake: The Cake Shop - Cake Design by Sonia Marreiros
Photography: Matt & Lena Photography

pronovias olinda real bride portugal ocean front
bride groom pronovias olinda true love first look

So how did this love story start?

"It's a pretty funny story actually, one that I knew would inevitably be told at our wedding. It was 9 years ago exactly, Canada Day 2008. I was there with my friend and Jonathan was there with his cousin. We were at a bar when I looked over and saw him, I immediately said to my friend  "DIBS!" I think this comes as close to love at first sight as possible. Learning after that he admitted to seeing me too but said he was too shy to come say hi. I looked over his way a few minutes later and he was gone. But seemed like it was meant to be when we walked into another bar and there he was. Might have been the liquid courage in me but I went right over to him, elbowed him in the back and said "Whiskey shots!" he turned around after the elbow expecting a fight and saw me, I guess he was pleasantly surprised. Politely he told me he couldn't because he was driving, I then told him to "take his skirt off!" Regardless of my silly antics that night, we've been inseparable ever since! "

just married portugal pronovias bride groom

It's hard not to feel the romance in a place like this!

Favourite moment of the day?

"There were so many! I have to say that the speeches were so memorable, I was in tears the whole time. It's so heartwarming to hear such lovely words from the people you love on your special day. "

sweetheart table pronovias

"Oh also, a funny moment for sure was during the ceremony when my brother-in-law who was officiating the wedding for us, dropped the rings! I know, such a stereotypical wedding fail! He opened up the ring boxes upside down and they fell out. Luckily they weren't lost - but it definitely gave everyone a good laugh!"

wedding cake greenery better together cake topper
sunset photos portugal pronovias olinda bride groom

Any wisdom for future TMB brides?

"Stick to your guns and do what feels best! Planning a wedding is very stressful and confusing - so just stick to what you feel in your gut is right and it will turn out perfect. Also, keep lots of lists! Especially when planning a destination wedding, I had SO much to pack, so lists were key! It's easy to say don't get too stressed about the details, something I couldn't do, but just stay organized and it will work out"

bridal party pronovias portugal

It's the personal aspects that make each wedding exceptional...

"After losing my father last year just after getting engaged, there was a while where I didn't think I wanted to get married without him. I quickly realized that's not what he would want for me. We decided to get married in the Algarve, Portugal where my family vacationed just two years prior. I have such amazing memories there with my dad so it just felt right. We even had lunch at the venue where we got married and we spoke about how it would be an amazing spot to have a wedding. Needless to say I felt him there on my day and I know he played a big part in making it perfect"

just married portugal pronovias olinda

To say that this wedding makes my heart sing and melt at the same time would be such an understatement! A breathtaking couple exchanging vows in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We are truly fortunate to have been a small part of their big day!

Congratulations Jessie & Jonathan we wish you every happiness on your journey together!

first dance wedding pronovias olinda portugal real bride



REAL TMB BRIDE: Emilie & Nick

guelph bride goldie mill wedding downtown guelph

This wedding gives me the 'feels' for all kinds of reasons. Not being a 'Guelphite' myself I fell in love with the city all the way back in 2006. I have settled here, found love here, built a business here, and never left. There is a reason Guelph captures your heart. It is beautiful, welcoming, sweet and slow like the country with enough city to help you forget your worries.

This wedding is everything I love about Guelph. Period.

Married just a stones-throw from the downtown, this couple, who I have the privilege to call my friends, showed me exactly what two soulmates look like when they get to marry each other! Enjoy!

guelph bride blush hayley paige floral crown babysbreath goldie mill

Name: Emilie Priamo
Dress: 'Cameilla' - Blush by Hayley Paige
Venue: Goldie Mill Ruins & Guelph Youth Music Centre
Photography: Persistence of Vision
Hair/Make-Up: Carrie Ann Keirstead & Andria DiPanfilo
Flowers: Fleuristic Garden & Flower Studio
Coordination: Jess Hirst (TMB)

father daughter goldie mill hayley paige walking down the aisle floral crown
first look groom goldie mill navy suit tears of happiness guelph

The emotions of this day tell the whole story.  You can easily tell from the excitement on their faces that this is a big love.

How did you two meet?

"Ours is a classic ‘girl admires boy from afar’ type of love story, we met in 2009 when we were students at the University of Guelph. After seeing him around campus all the time, I eventually worked up the courage to introduce myself, the rest is history."

guelph bride hayley paige goldie mill wedding dress aisle walk boho bride

Not a dry eye in the house after this beautiful bride smiled her way down the aisle and the two of them exchanged heartfelt and laugh-filled vows.

Favourite moment of the day?

"All of it? Can I choose all? If I had to narrow it down, the ceremony was unexpectedly epic for me. Of course, I don’t mean to say I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. It’s kind of the main event, right? But in the grand scheme, so much of our time and energy was dedicated to other elements of the day, so it almost snuck up on me. It was SO emotional and I loved every moment of it."

first look bride groom goldie mill guelph husband wife

As the coordinator, if someone asked me what my favourite part of the day was, it would be this. This secluded moment right here. Right after the ceremony Em and Nick took a few minutes alone before the whirlwind of photos and congratulations rained down on them. I think this is so SO important and I recommend these moments to ALL of my couples whether it be during the first look or moments after the ceremony. This day is about the two of you and you should make the time to bask in it. Always.

bride groom guelph hayley paige lace gown goldie mill boho bride
blush hayley paige flower crown goldie mill park bride guelph

Any advice for future TMB brides?

"Be organized. Establish a system for remembering those 3 am brainwaves so you can get some sleep. I texted myself all the time, a notebook probably would have worked just as well.  

Don’t put too much on your plate. It’s too easy to do with access to platforms like Pinterest and Instagram available and blasting your feed with picture-perfect wedding goodness 24/7. You might be crafty and resourceful, but remember, you’ll have a lot to focus on when the big day rolls around.

Do your research, know what you’re capable of, and find pros who you trust to take care of the rest! And continue to trust them throughout the planning process. In our experience, the right vendor will take your unique vision and make it a reality using their skills and expertise. But take their advice - they’ve done this before."

adventure couples hayley paige guelph bride groom goldie mill
bride groom guelph goldie mill just married hayley paige

Grooms favourite moment? (get ready for your heart to melt)

Nick: "We had arranged to have a couple minutes immediately after the ceremony to just hang out and debrief about everything on our own.  We had a bottle of wine, a charcuterie plate, and 5 minutes to just take it all in before we continued with the rest of the night.  It was relaxing and really gave us a chance to just stop and appreciate everything, just the two of us.  It was the only time we had to ourselves all day, and I almost wish we could have stopped time to just hang out there a bit longer."

wedding party boho bride guelph groom goldie mill outdoor wedding

Any other tidbits?

"Clio, our 3 year old flower girl, made her walk down the aisle memorable. All along, she was told that her job was to throw the flower petals as she walked. So, she threw them. I mean, she really THREW them. It was hilarious."

bridal entrance guelph bride guelph youth music centre just married
sweetheart table newlyweds bride groom guelph guelph youth music centre

The evening was the perfect mix of dancing, laughing and love. The couple shared a small sweetheart table and exchanged smiles all night. Each speech was thoughtful and focused almost entirely on what an amazing match these two are! 

The icing on the cake?!? Bride and groom walked from the reception to their home, not 15 minutes away. How's that for local! I love it!

Em & Nick, we wish you every happiness on your journey together! Thanks for showing us how to love with everything you have!! 



REAL TMB BRIDE: Jennifer & Kyle

ancaster mill wedding blush hayley paige opal modern bride guelph

When Jenn bought her dress I knew she would be a bride that we would never forget! She has this warmth about her that lights up the room, her excitement in finding her dress was amazing and I am so glad that she chose us to be a small part of her day! Every fitting we had was an absolute treat, and we would spend time chatting about the details of her day and fawning over her gown! I miss those weekly visits, that great smile and how she rocked that dress! We are so excited she decided to share some beautiful moments from her day! 

opal gown hayley paige ombre ancaster mill modern bride

Name: Jennifer Maclean
Dress: 'Opal' - Blush by Hayley Paige
Photography: Injoy Imagery
Venue: Ancaster Mill
Hair & Make-Up: Eryn Shannon
Flowers: Patti's Flower Boutique

blush hayley paige modern bride pink red guelph bridal boutique
first kiss modern bride guelph bridal boutique opal hayley paige blush

SO tell us! How did you and Kyle meet?

"We met working at the Guelph Target store, both as Department Managers. Kyle had put the word out with a co-worker that he was interested in me, and I casually dismissed the idea for a while but he eventually won me over.  We both closed together all the time on Monday nights and one night a few of us went for a drink after work, which we did again a few weeks later, just the two of us!  Once we were dating Kyle admitted to me that many of the casual conversations we had had at work were actually him going out of his way to find me and act like he was casually passing through and striking up a conversation!"

family blush by hayley paige modern bride guelph boutique
opal gown blush by hayley paige

Favourite wedding moment? We understand if you can't pick just one!

"Kyle really enjoyed his Best Man Andrew's speech. It had the whole room bent over  with laughter the entire time, a bit of a Groom Roast you could say. It was a pretty amazing moment for my husband, to be recognized, made fun of, and have our relationship honoured, by the man he thinks the absolute most of, and in the presence of everyone we truly love. 

My favorite moment of the day was probably the few times we stopped to kiss as we were exiting our wedding ceremony.  I think the culmination of the day, the ceremony itself, the sound of our loved one's applause and the relief that we had done it (YAY!) was just this incredible high and those moment we stopped walking to kiss were just the most blissful kisses ever!! 

Also, our son who was just under two, saying "Mommy!!" excitedly as I reached the altar walking down the isle.  It was a heart melting moment!"

bridal party blush blue hayley paige bridal boutique guelph

Those bouquets and bouts have to be one of our favourite touches!
They tie everything together SO beautifully!! 

bridesmaids blush hayley paige opal gown ancaster mill

Do you have any words of advice for future TMB brides?

"Buy a dress that's comfortable and highlights your favourite features! I tried on some beautiful form fitting dresses, they were incredibly sexy and took my breath away. However, the moment I looked at the pictures of me in them from my phone I was already focusing on the parts of my body I didn't like, and for me that made it a no, despite how beautiful it was. I just knew that on my wedding day, I don't want to fiddle or fuss or suck in or hold my body certain ways in poses. I just wanted to feel beautiful and comfortable, in exchange: CONFIDENT!! And I feel the day of my wedding that confidence really showed because of how I FELT in my dress! 

Overall, try not to get too carried away with all the details. A lot of it goes unnoticed or becomes almost irrelevant the day of. It will also help keep the budget down! It truly is surprising just how quickly the day goes by and how many details (hours of planning!!!) you don't even end up noticing yourself!!!"

wedding cake modern bride guelph
bride groom bridal boutique guelph

Best comment on your dress?

"It wasn't necessarily that I had this one AMAZING comment on my dress. It was more the overall attention that my dress got ALL DAY LONG!!! From the moment my bridesmaids and I left the hotel room, hotel guests and staff were stopping to stare, smile and would say I looked so beautiful.  As my bridesmaids and I were taking pictures, cars driving by were honking at us, and rolling their windows saying we looked so beautiful!  Even the venue staff were stopping as they walked by me and saying my dress was stunning (and they see all the dresses people!!!)  It was truly a show stopping dress (while being quite simple at the same time!) and I felt ever so dreamy and on a beautiful cloud all day long!"

opal gown blush hayley paige first dance
speeches blush by hayley paige opal gown

Jenn wraps it up so perfectly:

"Standing at the elevator, with my bridesmaids, hair and makeup and dresses all fresh, ready to go down to our limo; my bridesmaid Jen turns to me and asked: "what has been your favorite moment so far today? I said: "Honestly, RIGHT NOW!!!"  It was just the most amazing feeling in that very moment."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! The key is to enjoy every moment before it quickly passes you by! We are wishing you and your little family every happiness Jen! Good luck on all your future adventures as husband and wife!! Thank you so much for choosing us to be a small part of your big day!