REAL TMB BRIDE: Kelsey & Eric


Name: Kelsey Ewart
Dress: Eol - Pronovias
Earrings: Elysee - A.B. Ellie
Videographer: Jeremy Tozer
Photography: Robin Sassi - Robin Sassi Photography
Venue: Redstone Winery

Where do I start?!
I had the pleasure of meeting Kelsey through my, equally as lovely, sister-in-law and this girl exudes class, elegance and just all-around kindness. I feel so lucky to now call her my friend and, I kid you not, everyone here at TMB has been drooling over her photos ever since they landed in our inbox.

The details of this wedding, including her choice of dress, speak so much to how thoughtful, beautiful and sweet she is as a human. Eric, you are a lucky man!

I have to say, my dress was probably one of my favourite aspects of the entire wedding! (Apart from marrying the love of my life, of course.)

So tell us all the details, how did you and your hubby meet?

Eric and I met in high school, at Notre Dame in Welland. Eric first saw me at a semi-formal dance, which I attended with a friend of his at the time. He asked a few of his friends about me (as I was a grade below). He tried to get an introduction but I wasn’t all that interested in dating at the time. We eventually went on to university in separate cities and didn’t officially reconnect until 2009 – been together ever since. Persistence pays. 

If you had to pick, what would you say was your favourite wedding moment?

My favourite moment was right before I walked down the aisle with my dad. I had the best day getting ready with my bridesmaids and it finally felt real, standing in the winery waiting for my cue. I was getting nervous about the walk but my dad calmed me right down, telling me how proud he was to walk by my side and encouraging me to enjoy the moment, and I did. It was a special moment with my dad, and a walk I’ll never forget.

I also loved during dinner when the Spice Girls song “Mama” came on (likely by request!). My friend and someone in my life who is like a second mom to me broke out in dance at their table, and it ended with me, my maid of honour and our moms (who are best friends), hugging, laughing and dancing at the front while everyone was still eating. It was one of those unexpected moments that was equally hilarious and sentimental at the same time.

These moments.
Just so special.

Here’s what the groom, Eric, had to say about his favourite wedding moment…

My favourite moment was obviously when Kelsey walked up the aisle. However, there was a great moment during the cocktail reception. We were chatting with folks, and I caught a glimpse of the beading on the back of the dress. The dress was very much Kelsey, elegant and classy but with something a little extra special that makes her beyond beautiful – inside and out.

Now that you’ve gone through the whole process what words of wisdom can you pass along for future TMB brides?

First, I would recommend investing in a videographer for your big day. We had an amazing photographer Robin Sassi, and were lucky enough to have her husband, Jeremy Tozer shoot our wedding. We were blown away by our amazing photos but having a video to complement that we can re-watch year over year will be something we really cherish. Especially because the day really does fly by, which everyone always says – but it’s true! Try to slow down, and take it all in. I made sure to do that especially during the ceremony. It can feel like a lot with everyone watching you (I’m not a person who loves the spotlight) but remembering why you’re there and the vows you’re exchanging is really important. Any wedding stress melts away in that moment and you remember what it’s all about.

Her details are what wedding dreams are made of.


I have to say, my dress was probably one of my favourite aspects of the entire wedding! (Apart from marrying the love of my life, of course.) I was pretty low key about a wedding dress when we first got engaged, but decided to check out TMB since I’ve followed their story from the beginning and knew they would have a dress for me: sleek, modern and sophisticated. My mom and I had the absolute best morning trying on dresses but when I put mine on, we just knew right away (which I didn’t think would happen). Jess’ team was amazing and I wish I could do it all over again! The space alone makes for a gorgeous setting, not to mention the countless beautiful silhouettes.

One of my bridesmaids compared my dress to the Chrysler Building, in the sense it was timeless and striking, but had an elegant art-deco vibe. I never wanted to take it off!

HUGE Congratulations you two!!
Thank you for letting us be a small part of your big day! I am so glad that we get to be friends and I get to see this happy day unfold for you and Eric from now until forever.