REAL TMB BRIDE: Carly & Ryan

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There are few words to describe the thought and love that went into every detail of this wedding. Carly was one of the sweetest brides I have ever met and the day she tied the knot with Ryan was unforgettable, in every way!
As you browse through their day make sure you take a moment to appreciate the dress change and the opportunity for 2 first looks!

It was an honour to coordinate your day Carly, wishing you and Ryan every happiness! You deserve it!

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0051.jpg
Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0151.jpg


Name: Carly Ellerton
Dress: 'Plisa' - Pronovias AND 'Scout' - Blush by Hayley Paige
Photography: Laura Kelly Photography
Venue: Backyard wedding
Florist: Sweet Violets
Hair: Valentini Hair Design


Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0233.jpg
Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0239.jpg

Favourite photo. Right here.

How did this love story start?

"We are both elementary school teachers and we met at work. Before I knew it, Ryan was leaving morning teas in my room with a little message on the bottom of the cup. :) Ryan teaches Grade 3 and I teach Kindergarten so it was a little unusual for him to be down in the Kindergarten wing. The other staff started to notice pretty quickly!" 

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0250.jpg

And just like that, we are ready for the reception!! Dress change, love it!!

blush by hayley paige scout gown wedding guelph

What was your favourite moment on the day?

"Our dads busting out their dance moves together! I will also never forget the feeling of sitting down at the head table and looking up to see all of our loved ones happily chatting and laughing together in one room. All of the hard work is worth it!"

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Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0482.jpg

Any wisdom for future TMB Brides?

"Remain open minded! The wedding dress that you end up choosing is probably not going to be the one that you initially envision for yourself. And if you really can't decide... You can always buy two like I did! ;)"

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Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0465.jpg

Grooms favourite moment?

"Reception dress reveal! 'I remember the loving way that you looked up at me coming out of the door and how you twirled like a ballerina when I took your hand. I couldn't believe I was looking at my wife.'"

Carly and Ryan Wedding-Complete collection-0396.jpg

Kinda like a fairytale. I know that you two are enjoying your happily ever right now! We are wishing you all the best!