REAL TMB BRIDE: Emilie & Nick

guelph bride goldie mill wedding downtown guelph

This wedding gives me the 'feels' for all kinds of reasons. Not being a 'Guelphite' myself I fell in love with the city all the way back in 2006. I have settled here, found love here, built a business here, and never left. There is a reason Guelph captures your heart. It is beautiful, welcoming, sweet and slow like the country with enough city to help you forget your worries.

This wedding is everything I love about Guelph. Period.

Married just a stones-throw from the downtown, this couple, who I have the privilege to call my friends, showed me exactly what two soulmates look like when they get to marry each other! Enjoy!

guelph bride blush hayley paige floral crown babysbreath goldie mill

Name: Emilie Priamo
Dress: 'Cameilla' - Blush by Hayley Paige
Venue: Goldie Mill Ruins & Guelph Youth Music Centre
Photography: Persistence of Vision
Hair/Make-Up: Carrie Ann Keirstead & Andria DiPanfilo
Flowers: Fleuristic Garden & Flower Studio
Coordination: Jess Hirst (TMB)

father daughter goldie mill hayley paige walking down the aisle floral crown
first look groom goldie mill navy suit tears of happiness guelph

The emotions of this day tell the whole story.  You can easily tell from the excitement on their faces that this is a big love.

How did you two meet?

"Ours is a classic ‘girl admires boy from afar’ type of love story, we met in 2009 when we were students at the University of Guelph. After seeing him around campus all the time, I eventually worked up the courage to introduce myself, the rest is history."

guelph bride hayley paige goldie mill wedding dress aisle walk boho bride

Not a dry eye in the house after this beautiful bride smiled her way down the aisle and the two of them exchanged heartfelt and laugh-filled vows.

Favourite moment of the day?

"All of it? Can I choose all? If I had to narrow it down, the ceremony was unexpectedly epic for me. Of course, I don’t mean to say I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it. It’s kind of the main event, right? But in the grand scheme, so much of our time and energy was dedicated to other elements of the day, so it almost snuck up on me. It was SO emotional and I loved every moment of it."

first look bride groom goldie mill guelph husband wife

As the coordinator, if someone asked me what my favourite part of the day was, it would be this. This secluded moment right here. Right after the ceremony Em and Nick took a few minutes alone before the whirlwind of photos and congratulations rained down on them. I think this is so SO important and I recommend these moments to ALL of my couples whether it be during the first look or moments after the ceremony. This day is about the two of you and you should make the time to bask in it. Always.

bride groom guelph hayley paige lace gown goldie mill boho bride
blush hayley paige flower crown goldie mill park bride guelph

Any advice for future TMB brides?

"Be organized. Establish a system for remembering those 3 am brainwaves so you can get some sleep. I texted myself all the time, a notebook probably would have worked just as well.  

Don’t put too much on your plate. It’s too easy to do with access to platforms like Pinterest and Instagram available and blasting your feed with picture-perfect wedding goodness 24/7. You might be crafty and resourceful, but remember, you’ll have a lot to focus on when the big day rolls around.

Do your research, know what you’re capable of, and find pros who you trust to take care of the rest! And continue to trust them throughout the planning process. In our experience, the right vendor will take your unique vision and make it a reality using their skills and expertise. But take their advice - they’ve done this before."

adventure couples hayley paige guelph bride groom goldie mill
bride groom guelph goldie mill just married hayley paige

Grooms favourite moment? (get ready for your heart to melt)

Nick: "We had arranged to have a couple minutes immediately after the ceremony to just hang out and debrief about everything on our own.  We had a bottle of wine, a charcuterie plate, and 5 minutes to just take it all in before we continued with the rest of the night.  It was relaxing and really gave us a chance to just stop and appreciate everything, just the two of us.  It was the only time we had to ourselves all day, and I almost wish we could have stopped time to just hang out there a bit longer."

wedding party boho bride guelph groom goldie mill outdoor wedding

Any other tidbits?

"Clio, our 3 year old flower girl, made her walk down the aisle memorable. All along, she was told that her job was to throw the flower petals as she walked. So, she threw them. I mean, she really THREW them. It was hilarious."

bridal entrance guelph bride guelph youth music centre just married
sweetheart table newlyweds bride groom guelph guelph youth music centre

The evening was the perfect mix of dancing, laughing and love. The couple shared a small sweetheart table and exchanged smiles all night. Each speech was thoughtful and focused almost entirely on what an amazing match these two are! 

The icing on the cake?!? Bride and groom walked from the reception to their home, not 15 minutes away. How's that for local! I love it!

Em & Nick, we wish you every happiness on your journey together! Thanks for showing us how to love with everything you have!!