Sometimes you meet a bride who is so relaxed, so at ease, that she helps you remember all the most important things. Like, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you get to marry the one that you love.
I was blown away after seeing photos of their dreamy wedding day in the apple orchard, and you can tell that they loved even minute of it!

Congrats Alix & Josh! We are wishing you a million more moments just like these!


Name: Alix Maffin
Dress: 'Marlene' - Tatyana Merenyuk
Photography: Sara Monika Photographer
Venue: Brantview Apple Orchard
Florist: Just Blooms
Hair: Once Upon A Tine
Makeup: Casey Diehl Makeup Artistry


How did this love story start?

"Josh and I met when we were in university. Oddly enough, we both grew up in Cambridge our whole lives, and went to different universities. We met in my best friend (and Maid of Honour)’s basement during her 21st birthday party. She had a few of her friends from university over and invited her friends from high school. We played some board games, Josh and mine’s competitive streaks came out, and at the end of the night Josh was asking Claire for my number. We went on a few double dates, Claire and her now husband (who is Josh’s best friend) were dying to have their two closest friends become an item. We finally went on our first solo date to see Harry Potter - we were, and still are, obsessed with the franchise. The rest is history! "


What was your favourite moment on the day?

"The part of the day I was the most excited about was seeing Josh as I walked down the aisle. Josh really didn’t want to see me beforehand, he wanted that surprise, so I was so excited to see his reaction as I came down. It’s really a beautiful thing to look around at the audience at your ceremony, and realize that all the people you love the most in the world are there because of you. We had family come from all around the world, and it was a really humbling experience. Josh and I also took a few moments for ourselves in the orchard just to soak in the fact that we had just MARRIED each other. That was lovely, to take one step away, and really let the day wash over us."


The excitement and love in this shot is palpable. 


Any wisdom for future TMB Brides?

"Honestly, follow your instincts when picking the dress! Oddly enough, I had ‘Pinned’ my dress on Pinterest months before I was even engaged, and only realized it after I bought my dress. I tried on quite a few dresses, but I found my dress in the first shop I went to (which was TMB). I wanted to go look at a few other spots because I thought, 'no way I should buy at the first store I went to.' I went to a few others, but nowhere compared to the dress I had found and the customer service I experienced at The Modern Bride. I picked the dress that felt the most like me, and one I was comfortable in. I could dance all night in that thing! "


I absolutely love that Alix & Josh chose Sara Monika as their photographer. She captures the most genuine moments, the moments that you want to remember and cherish!  


The Harry Potter geek in me LOVES this cake. This is a couple after my own heart!


Grooms favourite moment?

"I loved watching Alix walk down the aisle. At night, there was a massive storm. There was a lightning storm behind us when we were doing our speeches, and when our reception started it just started to pour. Weirdly enough it was super cool, we were all inside, hearing the rain and dancing. My favourite speech of the night was my brothers', it was the perfect blend of being funny and sentimental. He was hilarious and had us laughing through the whole thing” 


Did people love the dress!?

"The best comment on my dress was that it really allowed me to shine as a bride. I could dance, I could move around without feeling like I was walking weird with it being too tight, or too limiting. I played the lawn games we spent hours making, and I was just really able to be myself that day. The dress is beyond beautiful, and different than others I had seen which is exactly why I fell in love with it. I got so many comments on how different, but classic, my dress was. I wish I could wear it every day!"


I have to say that I am a little in love with Alix & Josh after writing this. Their nods to both 'Friends' and 'Harry Potter' are sweet and personal touches that you can tell really speak to them. I always recommend that couples really stay true to what they want and they will enjoy EVERY aspect of their day! 

Alix wraps it up perfectly...

"Our wedding was honestly the perfect day and I know people say that all the time, but it’s true. I will never forget it."

Good luck on all your future adventures as husband and wife!! Thank you so much for choosing us to be a small part of your big day!