REAL TMB BRIDE: Jennifer & Kyle

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When Jenn bought her dress I knew she would be a bride that we would never forget! She has this warmth about her that lights up the room, her excitement in finding her dress was amazing and I am so glad that she chose us to be a small part of her day! Every fitting we had was an absolute treat, and we would spend time chatting about the details of her day and fawning over her gown! I miss those weekly visits, that great smile and how she rocked that dress! We are so excited she decided to share some beautiful moments from her day! 

opal gown hayley paige ombre ancaster mill modern bride

Name: Jennifer Maclean
Dress: 'Opal' - Blush by Hayley Paige
Photography: Injoy Imagery
Venue: Ancaster Mill
Hair & Make-Up: Eryn Shannon
Flowers: Patti's Flower Boutique

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SO tell us! How did you and Kyle meet?

"We met working at the Guelph Target store, both as Department Managers. Kyle had put the word out with a co-worker that he was interested in me, and I casually dismissed the idea for a while but he eventually won me over.  We both closed together all the time on Monday nights and one night a few of us went for a drink after work, which we did again a few weeks later, just the two of us!  Once we were dating Kyle admitted to me that many of the casual conversations we had had at work were actually him going out of his way to find me and act like he was casually passing through and striking up a conversation!"

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opal gown blush by hayley paige

Favourite wedding moment? We understand if you can't pick just one!

"Kyle really enjoyed his Best Man Andrew's speech. It had the whole room bent over  with laughter the entire time, a bit of a Groom Roast you could say. It was a pretty amazing moment for my husband, to be recognized, made fun of, and have our relationship honoured, by the man he thinks the absolute most of, and in the presence of everyone we truly love. 

My favorite moment of the day was probably the few times we stopped to kiss as we were exiting our wedding ceremony.  I think the culmination of the day, the ceremony itself, the sound of our loved one's applause and the relief that we had done it (YAY!) was just this incredible high and those moment we stopped walking to kiss were just the most blissful kisses ever!! 

Also, our son who was just under two, saying "Mommy!!" excitedly as I reached the altar walking down the isle.  It was a heart melting moment!"

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Those bouquets and bouts have to be one of our favourite touches!
They tie everything together SO beautifully!! 

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Do you have any words of advice for future TMB brides?

"Buy a dress that's comfortable and highlights your favourite features! I tried on some beautiful form fitting dresses, they were incredibly sexy and took my breath away. However, the moment I looked at the pictures of me in them from my phone I was already focusing on the parts of my body I didn't like, and for me that made it a no, despite how beautiful it was. I just knew that on my wedding day, I don't want to fiddle or fuss or suck in or hold my body certain ways in poses. I just wanted to feel beautiful and comfortable, in exchange: CONFIDENT!! And I feel the day of my wedding that confidence really showed because of how I FELT in my dress! 

Overall, try not to get too carried away with all the details. A lot of it goes unnoticed or becomes almost irrelevant the day of. It will also help keep the budget down! It truly is surprising just how quickly the day goes by and how many details (hours of planning!!!) you don't even end up noticing yourself!!!"

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Best comment on your dress?

"It wasn't necessarily that I had this one AMAZING comment on my dress. It was more the overall attention that my dress got ALL DAY LONG!!! From the moment my bridesmaids and I left the hotel room, hotel guests and staff were stopping to stare, smile and would say I looked so beautiful.  As my bridesmaids and I were taking pictures, cars driving by were honking at us, and rolling their windows saying we looked so beautiful!  Even the venue staff were stopping as they walked by me and saying my dress was stunning (and they see all the dresses people!!!)  It was truly a show stopping dress (while being quite simple at the same time!) and I felt ever so dreamy and on a beautiful cloud all day long!"

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Jenn wraps it up so perfectly:

"Standing at the elevator, with my bridesmaids, hair and makeup and dresses all fresh, ready to go down to our limo; my bridesmaid Jen turns to me and asked: "what has been your favorite moment so far today? I said: "Honestly, RIGHT NOW!!!"  It was just the most amazing feeling in that very moment."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! The key is to enjoy every moment before it quickly passes you by! We are wishing you and your little family every happiness Jen! Good luck on all your future adventures as husband and wife!! Thank you so much for choosing us to be a small part of your big day!