REAL TMB BRIDE: Dasha & Mick

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Dasha and I went to high school together and I was over the moon when she emailed me to make an appointment at our boutique! Although she originally came in to look at another dress, a beautiful Hayley Paige gown stole her heart and the rest is history! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part of your big day Dasha!! You are absolutely breathtaking!! 

blush hayley paige catalina dress bridal boutique

Name: Dasha Stupak

Dress: 'Catalina' - Blush by Hayley Paige

Venue: Oakview Terrace

Hair & Make-Up: Nyomi Puil

Flowers: Davis Floral Creations

Photographer: Live to Love Studio 

What's the story? How did you and Mick meet??

"We met in high school so we dated for over 11 years before officially tying the knot. As he would tell it; he saw me around the halls and at the mall. He asked his mom and friends for the best way to approach me. When his mom asked what it was that he liked so much about me (without having met me), he said my smile. He ended up adding me on MSN and we chatted online for a while before I could build up the courage to actually spend time with him in person. MSN: the relationship builder, lol! The rest is history!"

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Favourite wedding moment?

"There are two, in no particular order! One of our kissing games was to try to shoot a foam puck into a net on the dance floor. One of the groomsmen took it a little too seriously and hammered the puck across the dance floor, almost hitting some unsuspecting guests!!  Everyone was fine, but it was definitely an epic moment. The second one has to be my dad’s speech. He had people in stitches with this line, “Mick, I know that [by trade] you’re a teacher but I want you to know that I am the Principal… and always will be.”"

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Words of wisdom for our future TMB Brides?

"Don’t take wedding planning too seriously but don’t leave little to-do’s to the last minute! I was very lucky because I didn’t get stressed out throughout the process. We only had one big hiccup which actually resulted in something bigger and better. If you’re not too particular about the way you want things, you allow yourself more room for creativity and less for disappointment. If you’re not a planner, hire one! I didn’t use one because I love coordinating events and had lots of help from my groom, family and friends but I can definitely see the value in hiring a professional!"

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backless gown catalina blush hayley paige modern bride

Any last thoughts?

"One of my favourite comments about my dress was from one of my guests. She was telling me about her thoughts when I first walked down the aisle; "ohh what a beautiful dress…" and then when I passed her: "where are her TAN LINES!". I love this because I tan really easily and hence, get tan lines really easily, so I worked really hard at not having any for the big day! I fell in love with the back of my dress and wanted to make sure I did it justice."


We couldn't have put it better ourselves, you definitely did that dress justice!! Dasha, we wish you and Mick every happiness! We hope that your high school love carries as much fun and free spirit in the years to come as it did from day one!